Ultimate Fan Bobby Price Shares Top Moments in NASCAR History

To say Bobby Price is a fan of racing is an understatement. The Nashville-based car collector and auto industry entrepreneur owns two decommissioned NASCAR stock cars and a Don Gartlits “Swamp Rat” dragster. Here, Price outlines a brief history of NASCAR racing.

December 1947 – The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing is born out of a meeting in a Daytona Beach hotel room.

According to Bobby Price, the gathering was organized by Bill France, Sr. and covered fundamentals of the sport including crowd control and vehicle regulations.

February 1948 – The first official NASCAR race is held in Daytona Beach.

September 1950 – The first asphalt race is held at Darlington. Bobby Price notes that all prior races had been on dirt tracks.

December 1963 – Wendell Scott wins at Jacksonville Speedway, becoming the first African-American to triumph at a premiere NASCAR division race.

November 1979 – Richard Petty has the longest-running championship win streak in the industry with seven. This record, notes Bobby Price, remains unbroken until 1994.

June 1992 – NASCAR founder Bill France, Sr. dies at his home in Florida after suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

1993 – Bobby Price says 1993 was a monumental year for NASCAR with two major speedways built–New Hampshire and Indianapolis. New Hampshire is the first NASCAR facility built in New England.

1998 – NASCAR expands into Las Vegas.

November 2002 – Tony Stewart wins the Winston Cup Championship. At 31 years of age, Stewart was one of the youngest drivers to wins a major championship, prompting other young drivers to compete. This new generation of NASCAR competitor gained popularity with the addition of Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., says Bobby Price.

2003 – Bill France Sr.’s grandson, Brian France, is named Chairman and CEO of NASCAR. Bill France, Jr. had previously held the position after his father’s retirement.

November 2008 – Jimmie Johnson wins his third consecutive Sprint Cup championship and is named by the Associated Press as Male Athlete of the Year. Bobby Price notes that this was the first time a NASCAR driver had been recognized by the award.

December 2012 – NASCAR gets back to roots with unveiling of Generation 6 cars, which are safer than highly modified racers and are similar in appearance to their show-room floor counterparts.

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Sharing Quotes is the new trend

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Protecting the Network from Advanced ‘Layer 7′ DDoS Attacks

You have just become the victim of an application layer denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. This type of disturbance, sometimes referred to as a “Layer 7” DDoS attack, is difficult to spot and even more difficult to defend against.

Because your website and the supporting systems, applications, and so on are exposed to the outside world, they are ripe targets for sophisticated attacks designed either to exploit uncorrected flaws or to change the way these systems work. As application development continues to move to the cloud, such attacks will continue to be difficult to defend against.

Strength vs. Smarts

The DDoS attacks that you hear about in the news usually refer to large-scale network attacks focused on Layer 3 and 4 of the network stack. However, from a mitigation point of view, network layer attacks are not particularly sophisticated. Ultimately, it boils down to one simple question: Who has more network capacity, the attacker or the mitigation service?

Dealing with a Layer 7 attack, however, is more complicated. When defending against these stealthy and complex methods, success does not depend on how big you are, but rather how smart your security technology is and how well it can be used.

Complex Mitigation

In order to defend against application layer attacks, security teams must be able to accurately profile incoming traffic and distinguish between humans, human-like bots, and hijacked Web browsers and connected devices (home routers, for example).

As a result, the Layer 7 mitigation process is often much more complex than the attack itself. This complexity, combined with the fact that when done right the attack will remain transparent, contributes to the lack of headlines on the subject. The security industry in general prefers to talk in terms of network capacity, which says nothing about resilience in the face of application layer attacks.

Attacks on the network overwhelm certain aspects of a website, intending to disable it. An application layer attack, on the other hand, is different because many vulnerabilities that reside in the proprietary code of Web applications are unknown to existing security defense solutions.

It’s already been noted that the attack surface has increased for many organizations due to the cloud and the pervasive cloud-based platforms quickly becoming the new normal in application development. In order to defend against the ever-changing DDoS landscape, developers need to integrate security measures during the development phase of the application itself.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) was created to assist in defending against Web threats. In its Top Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Risks, the group focuses on some of the critical risks facing organizations today.

Though the report, with its list of the most prevalent application layer risks, can be helpful to security teams, this information is only released every three years. In the meantime, new and more sophisticated attack methods are being deployed at an alarming rate.

Until developers build security solutions into their products, security teams will need to be ever-vigilant and implement solutions designed to identify anomalous behavior in the network upon ingress.

Advanced DDoS Tactics

IT admins must pay close attention to Layer 7 DDoS attacks because the application layer can be targeted in an ever more sinister ways. It was reported earlier this year, for example, that attackers are employing methods that are short in duration but large in traffic volume. Shopping (eCommerce) websites are particularly prone to this type of attack, in which paying customers are blocked at the last minute, forcing them to abandon their purchase.

In order to determine the amount of traffic that will be needed to flood a network, this attack method can help hackers identify the vulnerability of the network’s resources (such as available memory or bandwidth). Once they know that, the hackers will use a volumetric attack to distract IT personnel while accessing the application layer from the back-end. Hackers will typically precede such with the injection of malware or the identification of a security flaw allowing them to gain a measure of control.

Is the traffic legitimate? That’s the question that challenges network personnel. In other words, what is a bot and what is a customer? Advanced security tools will be needed to provide this type of protection.

Recommendations for Securing Critical Applications

At a minimum, the following best practices should be followed if you are a software developer or cyber security professional:

Review content and security policies – Does a strategy exist for protecting company data assets from DDoS attacks? Is it current? Are you meeting compliance regulations? Are all company divisions involved? Remember, representatives of business, IT, and security should all be part of the software development life cycle.
Get educated about the threats – Learn about the Web application security risks that have already been identified. The OWASP Top 10 Web application security risks list is a great start.
Talk to a security expert – Learn from those who have gained experience in the trenches. Whether it’s an analyst firm or a solution provider, look to the professionals to learn what best practices are recommended in today’s threat environment and develop a mitigation plan that accounts for all threats, including the hard-to-spot Layer 7 DDoS attack.
Deploy equipment that secures the network from within – This requires appliances that are custom-built to detect and mitigate application Layer 7 attacks intelligently and quickly. Such protection is available as a feature of other network/security appliances, but complete protection requires custom-built anti-DDoS appliances.

Application layer attacks are sophisticated and effective, either as a disruption in themselves or as a distraction while exfiltration or other mayhem takes place. These attacks show no signs of slowing down, so organizations need to act now to defend themselves and their customers.

In addition to having and implementing secure application development policies, security teams should look to round out their efforts with dedicated security appliances that can help everyone rest easier.

Is Data Prep the Key to Analytical Success?

Analytics – Everyone wants it, a lot of people use it, few people use it well. Despite the appeal and seeming ubiquity of business analytics today, the experience of the typical business user leaves a lot to be desired.

Findings from a recent Aberdeen report show that the least technical (but also typically largest) group of users is experiencing substantial discontent when it comes to several critical aspects of analytics, including:

Ease-of-use. In order to connect with an audience of non-technical users, today’s analytical solutions generally need to be visually engaging, easy-to-use, and easily adaptable to the needs of these people (79% of respondents dissatisfied or indifferent).
Data access. It is rare that a business decision rests on information from one silo or application within a modern IT environment. Top-notch analysis and insight is generated from different sources of information, applications, and data stores across the company. Unfortunately, most business decision makers are not getting the kind of access they need (66% of respondents dissatisfied or indifferent).
Relevance of capabilities. A close cousin of the ease-of-use factor, analytical relevance is a big part of driving adoption and engagement in the tools and activities. The finance department might need better budgeting and forecasting capabilities, and the operations team might need real-time visualization of critical metrics. A close coupling of these capabilities with the needs of the business user is vital, but all too often lacking in the line-of-business (64% of respondents dissatisfied or indifferent).

The obvious solution to this discontent would be to plan, strategize, and deliver a better suite of analytical capabilities more closely mapped to the needs of the user. Leading organizations are most certainly doing that, but they start their efforts further back in the analytical value chain, so to speak. The research shows that Leaders are much more likely to have data preparation capabilities in place that are approachable and accessible to the line-of-business (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Data Preparation Capabilities


Traditional IT activities like data integration, enterprise data management, data quality enhancement, and enterprise service bus (ESB) are generally placed under the umbrella of data preparation today. Many of these platforms also now include more process-oriented capabilities like data governance, data lineage tracking, data masking, and other tools for data oversight and traceability.

The research shows that Leaders are more likely to have these capabilities in place, but more importantly, that these tools are more often available to non-technical users.

Imagine a scenario where a marketing manager is trying to predict the efficacy of an upcoming campaign. Using visualization tools and predictive modeling, he or she might need access to results from previous campaigns, but also to product data, financial data, or sales information.

With a tightly coupled connection between these analytical capabilities and a sound platform for data preparation, the user can access quality data and the point of analysis, producing a more streamlined process of data discovery, all without the requirement of a PhD or Master’s degree in statistical analysis.

10 Marketplace Companies to Keep Your Eye on in 2016

The role marketplace companies seek to fill is simple: acting as the middle man between sources of supply and demand. eBay is a classic example of this. Someone who might no longer have use for an item is the answer for the person who doesn’t need a brand new product and is looking to spend less than retail price. Win-win situations are the heartbeat of a marketplace company. By providing a platform for these two groups of people, eBay got double the business and exposure.

It’s no surprise that other companies followed suit. Since eBay’s conception over 10 years ago, a multitude of marketplaces have come about and disrupted a number of large, powerful industries. It’s not an easy task too incorporate a business model into this space. However, when it is done correctly, the potential market share to be captured is enormous. Here are 10 marketplace companies to keep your eye on in 2016.

1. Sprig 
Sprig’s mobile application allows users to get locally sourced and sustainable meals delivered in about 15 minutes. Not your typical fast food, Sprig prides themselves on offering inspiring meals that are made with organic ingredients and responsibly-sourced meats.

2. Luxe 
Now available in 9 cities, Luxe valets will meet you where you wish to park, take your car, and park it in one of the company’s secure lots (and wash and refuel it if you’d like). Then, when you’re ready to leave, Luxe will drive it back to wherever you and return your car.

3. Gigster 
Launching out of Y-Combinator earlier this year, Gigster allows anyone with an app idea to have it built by an elite group of developers for less time and money than it would likely cost someone to hire his or her own team of developers.

4. Magic 
Whether you’re hungry at 2AM or need to fly to New York City next week, text 84389 with any legal request and Magic will see to it that it’s done. The SMS-based service is essentially a personal assistant who can help you do anything at any time of the day.

5. Traction
Traction connects businesses with an elite team of marketing professionals in order to help them gain…traction. Launching out of Y-Combinator in 2014, Traction connects companies to the marketing professionals they need to succeed.

6. Instacart 
Consider the dreaded post-work trip to the grocery store solved! Just provide your address and grocery list and Instacart will be at your door in as little as an hour! The company has raised over $250 million dollars and continues to expand its service into new cities across the country.

7. Raise
We’ve all received gift cards that went unused and eventually lost. Raise works to solve this problem by connecting people who don’t want a certain gift card with people who want it for a discounted price.

8. Flexport
Flexport is a licensed, online freight forwarding and customs brokerage company working to bring global logistics into the modern world. The platform offers users lower costs, a visual supply chain, increased flexibility, and analytics tools to make the forwarding process great for enterprise companies. The company recently raised a $20 million series A and is based in San Francisco.

9. Haven Inc. 
Haven Inc. allows carriers and NVOCCs to sell shipping capacity to customers looking to ship cargo. Carriers can list their capacity for free and get access to a body of new potential customers.

10. Styleseat 
Styleseat connects beauty and wellness professionals to over 4 million potential new clients. The automated platform takes care of booking, appointment reminders, and payment, allowing the beauty professionals to do what they do best – make people look and feel great.

There are a multitude of services being offered today, and often times people don’t even know they exist. In contrast, with the amount of people seeking services, it is impossible for a company to reach them all. That is the beauty behind marketplace companies and the reason they are so successful; they kill two birds with one stone, streamlining the supply and demand process. The potential market share is enormous, and in the end, the consumer, producer and marketplace company win.